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Some Good News and Bad News...

Cupid's picture
on January 17, 2008 - 11:09pm

Well, It's Official! Those of you who have been reading my blog know that my provider has been having car trouble. Every time she gets it fixed it breaks again. So as of now, it is Dead! And what a pain in the butt it is for everyone involved! For her (having to beg for rides), for me (because of her lateness), and for those providing the rides. Everyone is so tired of the situation that I suspect it will be taken care of sooner than later. Now for some good news...It's not a major deal but I did manage to join Netflix while I was on my trip. Actually, I had to use my mom's computer to enroll in the membership because parts of the website are incompatible with my equipment. So anyway, that keeps my mind occupied and distracted at least for a while. BTW, if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to speak up. BTW, I also Finally received my Josh Greeting Card and not surprisingly, I Love It! I know Josh would laugh if he heard this but...I don't think he has Ever taken a bad picture! The camera absolutely adores him (as do we all)! Anyway, I would have bought it sooner but it didn't become available until After I left. Talk to you guys later and Take Care!

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