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coping with a jealous spouse

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on January 20, 2008 - 1:11am

i'm having trouble with my HOG. he has been very negative about josh in the past, then seemed to accept my devotion, and now has swung back to being exasperated by it again. I recently was given the Closer CJ--i'm really thrilled to have it, cuz now i have all three. But, my HOG won't let me put it up. in fact, he's told me to take down the other one and box it up. i haven't even mentioned the Noel display, for fear he'll go ballistic. he knows i have it, but he's more worried about the CJ. I don't put up pictures, although i do have josh on my screensaver and desktop. i don't play his CDs at home. i'm trying to consider his feelings, but he displays sports stuff all around the house, and i feel i'm entitled to have my stuff out, too. granted, the sports stuff isn't as large as a CJ, but i'm not asking to put it in the living room, just the spare bedroom. He has his "shrines" at his work--an entire corner of his classroom, filled with posters, banners, calendars, hats, scarves, bobbleheads, etc, all sports-related. if i could take my joshes to work, i would, but i don't have an office. i'm very proud to have these items because i know how hard they are to get, and how much others want them. but he's taking all the fun out of it for me. we were talking with our kids, and my son says he has friends who have specially-themed rooms in their homes---one has a "Tombstone" bathroom, another has a, "nightmare before xmas" room in her house, and how many guys have the famous Scarface poster??? so, why can't i have my josh room? we are actually sharing the room---he has half of it for his office space, and i have a corner on the other side for my josh stuff (there is a bed still in the room, cuz, kids do come back, we've learned), so i don't even have half of it, like he does. and now he's telling me i can't put up what i want in my little corner. so, i'm feeling some resentment here. okay, the object of my affection is another guy---i see that. his objects are MANY guys--the Dodgers, the Chargers, the Lakers, the Bruins---but i ask myself, would i be this put out if he wanted to have a corner for posters of Jessica Alba, or Angelina Jolie? i don't see myself as getting all bent out of shape over it, but i've got other things to worry about than who my HOG fantasizes about. i'm not threatened by that, but apparently, he is. i'm way too old for josh, it's not like Josh is going to meet me, fall madly in love and take me away!!! so, i don't get this nonsense. why can't he just let me have my fun?
oh, well......just venting. i'm going to bed.

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