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the ups and downs of life

vijaykumar's picture
on January 20, 2008 - 8:32pm

this year had a great start!!!! my moms chemo is finished!!!!! can i get an amen!!! the cancer in her lungs shrunk from 3mm to 1mm and it is in remission!!!! can i get another amen!!!! we are happy and blessed that she made it!!!! next is the thyroid and doctors say that it is small and it should be no problem removing it. so this is great news for the family and my mom!!!! my husband on the other hand was in i.c.u this weekend it gave us a good scare!!! i am praying this is an eye opening for him to take care of himself he had his stomach done a year and a half ago and hasn't been taking his vitamins and doing what is good for his body so he ended up with an ulcer in his stomach causing a whole in it they went in fixed that removed his bladder and did his stomach again.... yah it has been a very trying weekend i know that God has my back and he has pulled thru once again like always he never leaves or forsakes me!!!! thank you God. so i am tired guys soooooo i am going to bed cuz josh is calling me !!! don't hate you all!!!! hehehehe!!! don't i wish well you all take care

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