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Weekend after all

GrobAngel's picture
on January 21, 2008 - 9:26am

Well how do you like that! My fiance bought the drinks, and I'd just finished making hors d'oeurves (parmesan crostini and chorizo pigs in blankets). We'd just finished creating the "fake house" - term from Everybody Loves Raymond to describe the house after you've just cleaned it for company. (Fiance used the term while complaining about cleaning, but he has to admit it looks great.) Just as we were about to sit down and wait for his work friends to show up, the guy called. They just found out his wife was pregnant again, and she wasn't feeling well. Then another guy we'd invited said he couldn't come either - family thing.
For a while we just sat there and asked each other, "Well NOW what are we going to do?" The answer turned out to be just sit in our fake house, read the Times (and in my case, attempt the crossword), watch movies, and stuff our faces with the party food.

He's back at work today, but I'm not. So far I've just slept in and started the wedding workout. My office has a program where they let you join a gym at a discount, but it's too hard for me to go with my commute. So I'm doing videos. My sister gave me a "sexy arms" DVD and weights for Christmas (as my gown is strapless, I want to tone up my arms and shoulders), and I found a set of Carmen Electra cardio striptease DVDs on sale. I just tried one of the latter DVDs, and it KICKED MY BUTT. I feel pretty good now, but I know from the workout I did on Saturday that this is gonna hurt in the morning. Have half a mind to spend the rest of the day in the bathtub.

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