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I'm over it, I'm over it...I'M OVER IT!!!!

Rileysmom's picture
on January 21, 2008 - 6:03pm

I had the most piss poor day at work.
I hate lazy people.

We have this camera....that came over from the Mayflower that takes pictures of the back of patients eyes. It's a HUNKA JUNKA!!!
Today I had to take some pictures, so I sit down and the dilbert that used it before me ran it out of film and didn't change it!!!
Son of a ...........BEEEEEP!!!
So....I start to rewind the film and something snapped. I'm like "Whoa.....ok...we're going to leave that sitting right there".
I called my supervisor to tell her that the camera wasn't rewinding the film. She wanted to know who the last person was that messed with it. I was like "I'm not calling to rat someone out, I'm just telling you the thing is broken."
I was FORCED to tell her one of my co workers is a complete incompetent lazy moron that didn't change the film. I would have evaded the whole thing but her initials were on the log.
So....I know what's going to happen.
The film is going to be no good. 6 patients pictures are going to be ruined.
and my coworker is going to think I ratted her out for being lazy.

I feel like I was set up. This particular person does this type stuff over and over. Nobody can STAND her because she has to have her hand in everything, yet she's a screwup.

I hate my life at the moment. I flippin' hate it.

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