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I'm over being over it.......

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on January 22, 2008 - 3:28pm

That didn't take too long. Thank God.

I had a better day today and all is well with the camera. It was a camera malfunction and not me. My supervisor decided to be professional and not hang me out to dry with my co-worker.

I could hardly sleep last night.
But all is mostly well now.

This morning on my way to work we had a lot of black ice. Ever heard of it?

I wasn't listening to my radio so I had no clue that there were tons of accidents out there. But....I could tell something wasn't right with the road.

I called up Robert and he was running lights and sirens to a fatality. He said to be careful...tons of black ice.

Come to find out there were over 200 accidents within an hour. It was insane. I creeped into work going about 20...praying I wouldn't get creamed! I finally made it.
But, most of our patients canceled, so we spend half the day goofing off.

What's so odd is we were talking about the movie "Brokeback Mountain". I had never seen it before and the girls were saying that it was a good movie. I was like....."ewww, well, ok..maybe I'll watch it."
Then I get in the car to go home and find out Heath Ledger has died. What on earth!!!!

It broke my heart to hear that news. What happens to people? With all the information about drugs out there....why do people throw their lives away like that?

I'm so glad Josh has his head on straight.

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