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Wait- That's not supposed to happen!

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on January 22, 2008 - 8:32pm

Just about collided with some one half my height and a third my height on the ice this morning. The funny thing is there were three total people out there at the time. For crying out loud, I can't grow eyes in the back of my head. Most of the tiny one's necks are inconveniantly hip height for me when I camel spin which means if they don't learn that I'm allowed to skate too, I'm going to inadvertantly decapitate some one. *sigh* Oh well, plenty of MITF patterns I can sweat through on the crowded sessions. Still, three people and there's a near fatal collision. That's not supposed to happen!

Made massive programming strides today at work entirely by accident. Okay... trial and error at best, but definitely not thanks to some 3rd party "documentation". But it was at least fun teaching a natural language parser to extract "Josh Groban" as the group leader of a religious sect named "Friends of Josh Groban". Progress at work directly related to Josh? That's not supposed to happen ;)

I'm still fighting with my rattling wagon but doing considerably better than the other day. I think I hear the cheers on my side and so thank you all again! It's working :) I still want to go out and eat my weight in pizza and dooughnuts but the voice of reason in the back of my head (which seems to have acquired Josh's voice...) is reminding me just what a stomach ache I'd have afterwards and how bloated and pudgy I'd instantly feel. I'm making forward progress here. That being ashamed of what I eat? That's NOT supposed to happen.

Speaking of stomach aches... Pilates today as well. Heh. I shouldn't be mean, but really, the rest of the ladies in the class? What a bunch of WHINERS. Seriously. Stop finding excuses to put in 10%. You're only going to get out of that class what you put in. You want something different to happen? Try finding an excuse to TRY. On the subject of some of the exercises my abs had only one thing to say: "That's not supposed to happen!" (As a point of pride, it did anyway and I'll pay for it with a sore tummy tomorrow!)

But the ultimate of today? Heath Ledger? That's NOT supposed to happen! *cry*

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