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Dreaming of summer...

sweetsong34's picture
on January 23, 2008 - 12:12am

Ok, it's 1am and it's about five below zero here in balmy Wisconsin. And I'm in here on FOJG for some reason. I was working and just had to stop by to see what's new. A long winter makes a person wish for a summer concert or two...oh well, I'll keep hoping. Maybe someday.

I'm glad to see Josh is doing some charity concerts rather than just partying with celebrities. Imo, I hope he stays away from that life. Anyway, it's good to see that he's using his celebrity status to help people who really need the financial support.

We had a great time with friends at a conference. A friend from Tanzania told us how she helps the "youth"--13 to 35--learn basic life and health skills. It's hard to imagine, but she said the life expectancy is 43, from AIDS but also from preventable disease and milaria. She asked me to come teach the choirs how to read music (and life skills, too). How could I say no? So I think instead of dreaming of concerts, I should put my money toward plane tickets to Africa...or maybe Brazil...
Some friends of ours from Brazil just stayed with us for a few days. They're on furlough. It was so interesting to hear about life there. The culture, the music, the language...interesting to try to communicate despite the language barrier. Portugeuse wasn't too difficult to pick out a word here and there from its Latin roots. I'm glad a few members of the family could translate. We went on Google Earth to see their house. They have 8-foot walls around their neighborhood with a 4-foot fence on top of that since crime is bad in their area. The houses are really close together, and they have little of the luxuries we take for granted. But they're rich in friends and the kindness they shared with us. We helped them on their way. 100 bucks doesn't go very far, but maybe it'll give them a little hope that someone cares.

Well, gotta go get some sleep. Can I get by on four hours? Being a nightowl has its disadvantages. G'night.zzz

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