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Why does this matter?

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on January 23, 2008 - 10:05am

What a strange day yesterday turned out to be. I was at the office, about to wind down with my work for the day. Then someone gasped, "Heath Ledger died!" That's about when productivity shut down for the day - everybody was checking the news, nobody could believe it.
This is sad news at any time; on the heels of Brad Renfro's death, however, one could easily reach the conclusion that young actors are going extinct.
Which brings me to my title question: why does this matter to me? Why, when there's so much else going on in the world and my life (presidential election, problems in Pakistan and Kenya, work, wedding), should stories like these matter?
I think I can trace it back to my early teens, when one of my favorite things to do was read every teen magazine I could get my hands on (Teen Beat, YM, BB, Seventeen, to name just a few). More often than not, those guys were in those magazines. Eventually I outgrew those magazines, and got too busy to read them anyway. But I still remember this as a fun activity from my youth. To see a figure from that time "something as grown-up and alien and scary as dead" (Bridget Jones) is a sad reminder that everything changes, that everyone has to grow up.
I also realized something else: I do not think the world's attention has been so fixated on NYC since 9/11. I've racked my brain for other events, but nothing stands out as much. I think it'd be best if I stayed out of Soho until spring, to give this time to quiet down. Until then, only two things will get me back there:
1) Josh does a concert at an intimate little venue in that area.
2) Agent Provocateur (favorite lingerie shop) and Vosges (favorite chocolaterie) partner up on a Valentine's Day promotion.

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