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Well it's been a few crazy days these past few ...

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on January 23, 2008 - 7:40pm

And I'm ready for the weekend! LOL After being by myself on Friday (Jessi worked on Saturday so she had to lose a day during the week - we can't be on overtime or get our buns kicked!) I came into work on Monday to the OM telling me that Jess wouldn't be in because she had a headache ... YIKES!!!!! That gave ME a headache! Mondays are bad enough, Monday mornings are usually insane in the doctor's office because everyone who has run out of medicine over the weekend wants their pills, anyone who has come down with the sniffles on Sunday insists on being seen, both of the doctors had full schedules ... the phone was ringing off the hook before I even had my coat off ... *sigh* Not to mention Jessi is like my best friend (here in the area - someone with whom I can go to lunch ... you know what I mean!)and when she's not in I miss her terribly. She delights in the Josh stories I tell and asks about you guys on the message board and stuff ... I love working with her. So she wasn't there Monday - it was QUITE BUSY! I had to answer the phones and at times all four lines were lit, make appointments, cancel appointments, reschedule them, take messages on sick people that I couldn't fit into the packed schedule, get the doctor for other doctors calling, get the nurse for the hospital calling, try to answer questions when patients asked, check in patients, register them and make new charts if they are new patients, check OUT the patients, make sure they pay their co-payments, make sure if they have balances that they pay them, schedule their next visit and if it's too far in advance then prepare a reminder card for them ... and the list goes on and on - INCLUDING getting referrals entered into the computer system if the patient has an HMO and needs to go to a specialist. I also have to enter the charges incurred that day too sooooooooooooo needless to say I was quite busy and stayed late. I went in on Tuesday later than normal because it snowed and it was slick and guess what? NO JESSI AGAIN!!!! Wahhhhh!!!!! Another day in hell. Well I worked late again ... and then today - I worked until 6:30 ... so you know what that means? I get to work shorter hours!!! *doing the "I get to work shorter hours" dance* Well ... it's getting late and I'm tired and just a tad bit headachy so I'm going to sign off ... talk to you soon??

P.S. TO KC: You had to go and say that didn't you?

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