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Chapter Three

vijaykumar's picture
on January 25, 2008 - 12:19pm

But as the boys turned out of the gate that led them into the playground. They looked both ways and headed into the green trails that unfortunately have to lead them home. Half way through the trails is a wide open space where kids play Football, Baseball, Box, and they just hangout and walk through. But when they got into the trails an artificial fog just came over that spot. Even though the sky was blue and they couldn’t see two feet in front of them. “Ralph you see that too right?” Said Tommy with a shiver in his voice. “Yeah I did Tommy, and I’m afraid” Ralph said with a quick glance to Tommy, and a finger extended towards the fog that lay ahead of them
“Fog doesn’t normally show up randomly like that” said Tommy confused as ever. “Ralph, I think that we should just walk through it, just get it over with” Tommy looked at Ralph and Ralph then shook his head with out a moments hesitation. As they stepped into the fog, they came to a sudden halt. When they stopped Ralph put out a hand to stop Tommy from running into something. Something huge; something profound.
Something bright metallic red that stood high above 11 feet tall. Both of the boys slowly raised there heads and looked at it. There mouths drooping farther and farther with every single gaze they set upon it. Tommy quickly snapped back into real life, and kept taking steps backward. While Ralph took more steps forward toward the mysterious machine. When Ralph finally got up to it, he reached out his hands extending till his fingertips were about an inch away from gently brushing the metallic red color object that was just in his view. But right before it was in his grasp, Tommy yelled. “Ralph don’t, don’t even think about it!” Ralph snapping back into reality turned around, and looked at Tommy. Ralph having this look, like he was asking Tommy what was he doing that was wrong. Tommy screamed even more “Don’t do it, lets just leave it here.” Warning his friend with so much caution that Tommy was convinced it would make Ralph realize what he was about too do.
But Ralph turned back around and stood facing this object. Once again Ralph was left with the decision to either touch the machine or run like Tommy said. But while Ralph was turned towards the Machine, a breeze came. Then Ralph stood beside this machine with the wind on his face, and at the moment he made the decision. This decision will forever change his life. He touched the machine with a quick flex of his wrist, and then he got thrown onto the ground. Then in the background all Ralph could hear was “Ralph Michael Williams. What have you done?” The big red metallic object that was once in there view, was now glowing with the most amazing colors and shades of things. Then out of no where they heard a voice. “Hello, young children. I have become visible to you and only you three.” “Three” asked Tommy shaking fiercely “Who…Who will be the third?” “The third is one that you call Lorraine. She will be of the utmost gift of importance to you. Go…go and seek her and then come back I will finish telling you of your mission.” Said the voice quickly.

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