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Good till the last minutes

lfranklin's picture
on January 25, 2008 - 11:06pm

So... today was great up until about 20 minutes ago.

Skated great this morning- even drew a rare sign of approval from my coach for my spins! I'm more of a jumper, I struggle with everything else (though the Pilates have helped a TON).

Work went well too. Thanks to the presentation from a visitor today, all the work I've been doing since I started got to be VERY popular. I barely had time to listen to my apparently adopted theme song for the day (YAL... but you could probably guess that ;) )

I even rocked the points today. Had enough left over to indulge my sweet tooth more than I normally do. Better yet, week 2 of eating more and working out harder paid off and I lost weight again this week! To treat myself I tried a new WW dessert recipe involving chocolate, bananas, and ricotta cheese. NUM.

But then I settled in to watch Troy on BluRay. The picture was amazing. I'll forgive them for the extra blood and for being forced to endure more of Brad Pitt's skin than before. But the person who redid the music for the entire film needs to be drug out to the street and tarred and feathered. It made my teeth itch to watch one of the most dramatic duels in poetic history be reset to the Planet of the Apes theme. It was devastating to watch the tragedy of the Trojan Horse and the sacking of Troy be drowned out by over-hyped music. But all that I could come to forgive.

Getting rid of the original closing credits song? NOT GOING TO FLY. Some one CLEARLY made a bad choice there. Honestly. If you're going to revamp your movie for a "2007 Director's Cut", why would you exclude the song from the best selling artist of 2007?

I'll go back to watching the original version, THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

Edit: Okay, they're still not entirely forgiven, but the graphics guys get bonus points for the CG blooper reel. Imagine the beaches of Troy being being stormed... by rubber ducks.

But I'm still mad about the lack of a decent closing credits song.

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