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on January 26, 2008 - 1:05pm

a couple of entries ago, i posted a picture of my friend richard. the piano player from my church choir.
well, for about 3 or so months his been super sweet and nice to me. (he wasn't like that with me before).
and my friend, yvonne, would tell me that he likes me and that i liked him. i didn't notice the "signs" that she was talking about, UNTIL last sunday.
i finally realized that i do like him...more than a friend.
to catch you guys up...he is nicer to me than the other 3 girls/ladies in the choir.
when anyone else sits on the piano bench with him while he's playing, he tells them to GET OFF. but when i sit on the piano bench when he's playing, he doesn't mind...he just gets very talkative...which is rare because he's very reserved...with everyone else.
sometimes, we just look at each other and start laughing because we know what we're i don't know.
my big-mouthed friend yvonne wants to tell him about it and she wants to tell him to take me out.
i don't want her to mention anything to him because knowing him, everything WILL get awkward..the friendship that i have with him is very nice and i don't want to ruin that and have him ignore me.
if somethings going to happen, he'll say something.
i won't dare ask him me "old fashioned," but yet...i don't know.

what do you guys think? should i mention it to him?
i don't want yvonne to tell him, because i don't like people doing's like i don't have my own mouth and brain.
any advice?

today, i'm seeing him...i'm going to go sing tonight, and evertime i'm getting ready to leave, i get nervous and my hands start's because of him. i don't get nervous singing in front of people.


nessa out!

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