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Dancin' Queen--Part Deux

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on January 26, 2008 - 4:14pm

As I was saying, last week after church I met more guys who danced. I already knew they danced, but I hadn't gotten to talk to them much before. Three more guys!! Two know how to dance and one wants to learn. Haha I volunteered one of the guys who knew how to teach the guy who wants to learn, and then the guy who said he wants to learn left. Coincidence (I think/hope), but a funny one :P

It was easier dancing with D than I thought it would be. I'm finally loosening up. Too much fun!

My boss has me writing down every detail of my job including every keyboard stroke. I should work on that since I don't have time at work. Three pages thus far. I've actually changed the way I've been doing things, so now I need to rewrite some things. Guess I'll go work on that. I'll put on Josh and simultaneously see what great dance music he has.

I did want to add that D said we could go over my budget again next week. Tomorrow he actually gets to go see Dancing with the Stars. And he told me again that he may have to miss a few classes. I already asked A if he'd fill in, and he said he'd love to, depending on when they are. Yay! He's my favorite dance partner.

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