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i'm proud

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on January 27, 2008 - 11:07am

1st, thanks to thom5388, grobangel, trinkwai, mariajosh, for the advice. unfortunatly, i didn't say's possible that richard and i connect a bit more...and the bad news is that i'm not going next week to sing, so i'm afraid that my "friend" will open her big mouth and tell him something. i told her that i don't want her to get involved in my personal things like that. she never listens to me...maybe if she would have listen, maybe shouldn't be pregnant. (shouldn't have said that but she gets me mad...mind you...she's still in high school). i need a pixie stick.

*change of subject*

my older brother, finally changed jobs. his been working at ralph's since 2001, after graduating high school with medals in math and science..he wanted to take a year off school and never entered college.
he was always, grumpy, never slept good because he would work graveyard. with a wife and 2 kids, he can't be bitching all the time. seriously, he was like PMSing 24/7
he now workds for HarBro Inc. a construction company where i used to work. and he is very well rested, his HAPPY and he's not grumpy...what so ever!
he comes home, eats dinner with his family and spends time with his kids.
i'm so proud of him!

i'm still so proud of my derek. my mom was listening to the awake album this morning and derek need to eat breakfast. my mom would be, "derek, eat breakfast" he'll say, "NO!!!! DANCING!!!"
he was to busy dancing with josh to eat. and..everytime a song would end, he'll say, "BYE!"
i love him!!! what a grobanite!!
thanks to mariahjosh and laurenjosh...everytime derek cries, i call him "machine" and now, everytime i call him that, he calls me machine. the kid learns quick!

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