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Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

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on January 27, 2008 - 7:56pm

I had to steal Josh's title because I couldn't think of a better fitting one. Ren & Stimpy! That's what that's from! it took me until now to remember. that's the show with the log song! But I digress.

Tonight on my way to church I prayed that I would get to see A. Then I realized that if he's not "the one," I need to stop depending on him to feel content. I realized a few weeks ago that when he's around, all seems right with the world. When he leaves, it's like a part of me is leaving. It's not a major "oh my gosh my world is over now and I'm depressed," but a slight change in how I feel in general.

So driving along I begged and pleaded with God to let me see him, until I realized the possibility that I should get used to not having him around to bring that extra sense of peace to my world. I told God that I was leaving it in His hands (as though I really have a choice :), because only He knows if A's "the one" or not. I pulled in to church and saw him getting out of his car. He literally ran to the church, as it was exactly 6, time for church to start, so I couldn't catch up. I went inside and decided to just find my friend J since it was only his 2nd week coming. We always have a few minutes to meet & greet those around us, and during this time A's eyes caught mine. He came over and said hello, then got his jacket and Bible and moved to the seat next to me. He said, "I didn't see you when I first came in." I thought, "That means you were looking for me." :) He asked me about my ballroom class on Friday, and just the 2 of us talked until the service continued.

After church a group of us went to Chipotle again. A got there first, then me. He waited in his car while I pulled up beside him. In the quick second it took for me to grab my purse, he had gotten out of his car and opened my door for me :) He of course opened the door at Chipotle as well. Then J arrived, followed by everyone else. Our group has duplicate names so it's rather confusing. A sat across from me and talked to me the whole time about dancing :)

He said he's thinking about becoming a professional ballroom dancer. He's also considering teaching classes to earn some extra cash. Driving home I started thinking; I should ask to take private lessons so he can earn extra cash, i can learn and get to dance more, and get to spend more time with him.

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