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I'm Back!!!

Veronica1776's picture
on January 27, 2008 - 10:16pm

Hi there,
I haven't written anything in ages, so here is what has been of me since,or at least what I can remember.
I was looking into a project, but i am going to wait a little longer, with the Grobanites for Charity 27,000 for Josh I can hardly compete.
I enrolled on ToastMasters at work and boy is it scary!!! I don't usually talk in front of people (this is why i am in accounting, we are solitary people!! lol) I will give my Ice Breaker on the 12th of February, *thud*
I am trying to lose weight, this has been going on for years on end, and i have yet to lose it, i am currently 172 pounds and i want to get to my regular weight 130 (it really does not help when a vendor brings doughnuts every Wednesday!!!
I have been sad, i have not heard a word about Josh. I really do miss him. When are you coming back Buddy, pal, friend, compadre, ect. I miss you. Don't you miss me????
Ok, I'm getting kinda creepy there so I'll stop!!
I'm gonna get my shirt and cup!! Can't wait!!
Have you guys bought yours??
Gotta go, I have to go to sleep otherwise, i won't wake up tomorrow.
Hang in their Nessa, Love ya and Derek (what a guy!!)

Bye for now!!

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