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Office Olympics...

wigirl's picture
on January 28, 2008 - 5:38pm

Today started off as a typical day until everyone received the "employee moral" e-mail from our boss.

In an effort to continue to boost "employee moral", my boss has decided that during the month of February, the office will be holding the 1st annual Office Olympics. (Events to be held every Wednesday morning in February). The only instructions we received were to pair up in teams of two (making sure to choose our partners wisely) and select a team name - More details to be given at our staff meeting Wednesday morning.

Hmmm... Last week at our staff meeting we all had to share something about ourselves that everyone else didn't already know. I'm begining to wonder if we've all been somehow set up - I mean Office Olympics?? I'm almost afraid to find out what's coming next.

Oh well... It will be interesting to say the least. And probably a good laugh.

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