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Yay Winter!

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on January 28, 2008 - 7:36pm

So... I live in an almost desert. It should not dump 8 whopping inches of snow in a single day.

But on the upside, I did get a paid 1/2 day off at work! Woohoo! So much fun waking up at 6, seeing snow, calling the operations hotline, and then finding out I can roll over and go back to sleep for a few hours :)

But I didn't sleep the whole time - I used part of the morning to groom Spectre (gotta love those hair knots behind the ears and the long, claw-like nails). Then to reward myself, I ran on the treadmill and watched Raiders of the Lost Ark (and instantly departed off to a happy fantasy world involving Josh and a fedora and a few other props... was sure easy to run :)) Sounds odd, I suppose, given that treadmills were originally used in prisons, but it was a nice empowered feeling. I kept up a 7mph pace for 5 whole minutes! If someone had told me last summer that I'd be able to do that, I'd have laughed real hard.

On a related tone, I've decided the most difficult day to be on plan is the day right after you've been off plan. *sigh* But, I tried to phase myself back on gently: part of dinner tonight involed Oreos :) Granted, not nearly as many as the other day, but that's a good thing. I had my favorite treats and was still on plan for today. Go Me! If the weather were to favor it, I might even go out for doughnuts in the morning instead of eating the same old cereal.

Oh yeah, almost forget the best part of the day. The weather was supposed to turn ugly again towards the end of the day... so my manager let me take off early and work the rest of the day from home... which involved a bunch of reading... and XM Radio :) (Hey- they got all the hours out of me, I was plenty productive... just cozy and thoroughly enjoying myself :)) The aforementioned weather blast didn't happen, but I was sure glad to avoid the traffic for a day.

Now, I just have to get back on the work wagon tomorrow... Maybe an Oreo or two for lunch tomorrow will help :)

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