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advice please :)

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on January 28, 2008 - 7:41pm

A emailed me and said something amazing. It wasn't "I love you" but now that's the only response I have for him. But that would just be too random. I had sent him a youtube video with some crazy Lindy dancing. He said he "likes it intellectually but has mixed feeling about it emotionally." He wrote a long paragraph, which I'll summarize. (This is the good part.) He dances to show off "his lady." Here's a quote: "Dancing little short blurps at that speed becomes an exercise in mere technical proficiency, without any...anything meaningful going on between the two people." He continues, "there's no soul there."

I don't know what to say in response! I don't know why I'm in such awe to hear a guy talk like that. It just attracts me even more. This could become a really interesting conversation if I respond properly. I don't want to say too much, either. I want to tell him why I love dance but that gets rather personal.

Ok one more quote, the absolute best part :) "Dancing, for me at least, is all about showing my partner off to everybody else there- making her look more beautiful (smooth), sexy (latin, and some West Coast Swing), or acrobatic (most forms of swing) than any other lady there. If the man is getting the attention rather than his lady, something's seriously weird." How could a gal not fall for a guy that says that?? My brain goes from one question to the next. I seriously wish, at times, that I was not an English major. All that to say, how would my fellow Grobies respond?

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