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on January 29, 2008 - 9:12am

What a crazy time last week was! I spent the entire time feeling like I'd been hit with a moody stick. Usually when I get like that, I try to make myself feel better by reading international news sites (the BBC, the Sydney Morning Herald) to metaphorically get away from things for a while and get a sense of perspective. It's often interesting to see what other countries think is important American news and what is not. But that didn't work because our messes and tragedies were all over THOSE sites too! (Thank the gods for Otherwise there would have literally been no escape.)
But yesterday, I inexplicably got better. I went to work feeling much lighter, like the bad feelings had been drained out of me and the worst was over.
And whenever I open my paper journal, that proves it. I had a business card from the 21 Club marking the page where last Wednesday's entry starts because I ate there last week. Unfortunately it also marked a page where I'd written about sad current events, so I'd had to see that. But yesterday I printed out an Entertainment Weekly interview with Josh, wrote, "You see? Happy stories are back in the news" in the margin, and used it to mark the page where yesterday's entry starts. So now I see something that makes me happy when I open that book.

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