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Time flies ... and I haven't done a damned thing! LOL

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on January 30, 2008 - 4:51am

Okay so I started to make a post here a few days ago and got bored with it and just exited out without posting. It seemed like nothing really was happening when really that's not the case. We've had the weirdest weather lately - first it was like 60 degrees for a week, balmy, pleasant ... and then we plunged into the deep freeze where the wind chill was -25 degrees farenheit! Brrrr! Talk about chilly! I almost kept Duncan home from school one day because I assumed (and apparently I'm from the OLD school where when the temp was zero or below and the wind chill factor was well below zero school was canceled) that school was a no go but hey, guess what? School was in session! Sooooooo he made it too school albeit he was a little late. *rolling eyes* So anyway ... it snowed here quite a bit last week and then for two days it was 50 degrees and it all melted but then it got windy, began to rain and yesterday the temperature dropped like a big rock ... I left work and it was 50, by the time I got home it was 37 and then we had a hail storm ... after that it began to snow. Talk about weird! It was still windy as hell and snowing like nuts ... very cool! LOL I love weather extremes - as long as no one gets hurt that is! Like thunderstorms ... I LOVE them! Snowstorms - they are cool too - as long as I don't have to drive in it! The weather really affects my moods ... I'm so sensitive to that sort of thing. I cannot understand people that hate storms, they hate thunder and lightning -- me? I LOVE it!!! This is getting boring isn't it? Should we move on from the weather?

So I watched the third Harry Potter last night - at Dr. Smith's request - and it was very good. I was a little bit disappointed at the ending though ... seemed like it just turned out well and flowers were blooming and whatnot ... left me hanging. At one point I thought it was just like Star Wars with the "big" battle that was going on with the magic wands and such ... I had to laugh. One of the characters in that episode was the splitting image of our office manager and I just had to laugh! She's just like that in real life, she will smile and tell you things are fantastic but all the while she's on the phone in her office reporting something stupid she's seen you do or that you haven't done ... it's so fake and phony that I want to retch and the sugar that she exudes with her phonyness (is that even a word??) is going to cause me to get Diabetes. And everytime she asks you to do something and you do it she replies with a "thanks a million." So I've taken to saying "thanks a hundred" just to piss her off. And when she is faced with something challenging she bursts out with a "good night!" *scratching head in confusion* Huh? I keep asking her if she's getting ready to take a nap ... "good night" is right. Go in your room Laura, spread out your mat on the floor, and then curl up. Maybe by the time you wake up it'll be time for me to go home! heh heh ... She's just lying in wait for any excuse to get me or Jessi fired and we're trying our damndest NOT to give her that ammunition. But I'm an angry person and she knows that ... when faced with a situation that pisses me off I let it be known. So she tries to push my buttons when she can and I do my best to rein it in, also Jessi grabs me by the leash and pulls me back ... thanks Jess! So Harry Potter was good but they'd better hurry and make the next one ... What I was left with after the last one was a few sour grapes ... LOL

The babies are doing very well. Allie is getting SO BIG! She's only 7 months old but as big as Emma who is 14 months old. She's going to be a tall girl like her dad and her mom. My son is 6'2" tall and my DIL is about 5'10". I'm not tall but my father was, he was 6'2" and his father was 6'4" so Mike gets his height from my side of the family. I'm hoping and praying that Duncan gets some of the height from my side of the family - his father is only 5'4" tall! He's got Chiuahua syndrome if you know what I mean. He's small but vicious! LOL Well at least he thinks he is ... his bark is worse than his bite ... but I'd still love to smack him one. *snicker*

So I got my passport, just waiting on Duncan's. Waiting to file my tax return so I can get a refund and buy plane tickets ... I wish I had a bottomless checking account - oooooo wouldn't that be fab? Someone here recently won the lottery and they get like a couple thousand dollars a week for the rest of their life - and the cool part is that they are like 24 years old. HOLY HELL! Now wouldn't that be cool knowing that even if you DON'T go to work that at the end of the week you'll have a few grand in your checking account? Oh yeah I'd still work - you have to work! You have to have some sort of meaning in society other than being the lazy person who spends money like it's going out of style ... besides I like my job. And I might get bolder and tell Professor Umbridge to stuff it! heh heh ... "go ahead, fire me ..." *snicker again*

So I've been a total lazy ass and NOT getting on the treadmill ... In my defense (and you KNEW I was going to make excuses ...) it's too hard to do it with Emma around -- in the morning she's sleeping in my bed and so I don't want to get on too early because she'll wake and I hate to wake up my daughter who doesn't get off work until 2AM and therefore doesn't get to sleep until about 3 ... or if I try to get my daughter up to keep an eye on Emma she's difficult to wake and by the time she does get up it's time for me to take a shower and leave ... FRUSTRATION! So why don't I do it in the evening when I get home from work then you may ask? Because I suck. Hahahahaha! No seriously once I get home from work I'm tired and I just want to sit at my computer and play. If I don't do it in the morning I don't do it! And 9/10s of the time I'm watching Emma and can't get on because she'll hurt herself messing around -- or hurt me! LOL Well I'm getting on that damned treadmill today if it kills me! Okay so now I've been typing this so long it's almost time for me to GET on the treadmill and if I keep going I'll just make another excuse why it's too late to get on it ... so I'm going ... going to get on it ... the treadmill that is ... heh heh ...

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