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why? why panda?! why?!?!?!?!

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on January 30, 2008 - 2:43pm

this whole week (it's barely wednesday) i've been seeing pandas everywhere.
every single show that i watch, there is a hidden stuffed panda or a picture of a panda. when i step out of my house, i see one thing that is related to a panda or the panda song.
naughty josh!
also, i had a dream last night, and it wasn't about josh. (weird)
it was about richard, and he was choking on a jalapeño. we were out eating with people from our church (as we do every saturday). i don't know CPR so i couldn't help him, and everyone else was just sitting there. i screamed at them and i threw my food at them and they didn't move. poor richard. why would i kill him in my dream?????

one more thing....

DONATE TO RAISE 27!!!!!!!!!!
we have about 28 or 29 more days. i know that we can do it! come on grobies, do what you do best! (besides thudding).

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