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What's happening?

vijaykumar's picture
on February 1, 2008 - 8:30am

Hy everybody! I know I haven't been round for quet some time now, sorry for that. Than you for remenbering me. It really made my day when I came across you posts. I've had a really bussy hollyday, I was away on a trip.
I'm a bit depresse at the moment. I feel totally abandoned by my friends. I'm acctually trying to deal with a friendship that seems to have ended. I have,well had a best frined for two years. Normally, we had our good and bad days, but it felt like she was a real friend.
I guess my problem was that I'm not much of an argument-fan. That's why I always bakked of from a fight and tried to settle thing as soon as possible between us, whenever there was a disagreement. I realized every time something went bad, she accused me of being a bad frien, sometimes even a bad person. From the things she said, people would make a conclusion that I neglected her and was never there for her when she needed me. I accepted her erguments numerous time even though I didn't do anithing like that. the last time it happened, something in me just snapped. I finally realizes she was making me feel and think bad about myself. She was jellous of my other two friend and whenever she didn'f feel like the center of my universe, she started to act differently. She would ignore me and hang with oter people. This would go on for a few days. And then she would just walk up to me and say she had to talk to me. Then she would start with telling me I've misstreated her and so on.
I tried to talk to her and tell her how i felt but she would't admit that anything was her fault. I waited for some time for thing to get better. But, I started hearing things she was saying about me. She was telling my other riend terrubke thing about me. She didn't just offend me, but also my family who were always great to her.
I coudn't believe what she had been saying, but then a really good friend told me even more terrible things that she said.
Today I' still recovering from this. I'm disspointed and sad. Every now and then I start to thing that I have maybe overreacted but then I remember all she did and said.
My other two friends are allright. But I feel like they don't really understand or take me that seriously. I love them very much, they are very important to me but I don't think this to be likewise. I don't feel like I'm as important to thenm as they are to me.
I'm trying to find some peace in my head cause at the moment, it's a mess.
Love you all, and I wish to you all a VERY late MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! P.S.Hope it's never to late for good wishes.
Anja, i tebi veliki pozdrav. Nadam se da si još za da se upoznamo. Oprosti, ali stvarno sam imala gužvu. Imala sam polaganje vozačkoh i još hrpu stvari. Ali ako si još za mogle bi se dogovorit jedan tjedan.

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