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Jeeps, Towels and Shoes

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on February 2, 2008 - 6:39pm

What a great day!! I spent the entire day with my parents, which is a very rarely get to do any more. We went shopping, originally for a Blackberry for Mom. The store didn't have any, but they did have towels on sale. Mom bought me 2 sets of wash cloths, hand towels, and the body towels. They're the huge white kind (ivory, really), which I absolutely love and have been wanting. I've always felt luxurious using large white towels :)

After that we tried going elsewhere for Mom's phone, and they had a shoe store next door. Mom still didn't get her phone, but she bought me a pair of red shoes. She said she feels special wearing her red shoes and she thinks everyone would have a pair. She'd bought me a red sweater for Christmas and black pants, so she said she should buy me shoes as well :) My mom and I have never been that close, exactly, so her buying me these things was special indeed.

Next we went to see a Jeep my mom had seen, since my dad was interested in buying one. We went elsewhere and test drove one, and then we were going to go home. I had told my friend J I'd meet up with him, because he wanted to talk. On the way home, he called and canceled. So we went and looked at a third Jeep. It was automatic so Dad wasn't interested. We went to one more dealer, and Dad bought his Jeep :)

The guy who sold us the car was only a year older than me, and said I looked familiar. I don't think I've ever seen him before in my life. My mom asked him how old he is, and he said, "26. Probably a few years older than you." I told him I'm 25, then Mom asked what school he went to. It wasn't my school. I figured he was using that as some kind of pickup line. It's either a pickup line, an attempted excuse to stare, or I have a twin, because guys have said this to me often. Even older men. Later the guy said something about his girlfriend, I don't even remember what. At one point my family was sitting in the waiting area while they cleaned our car. He kept walking through, for no real reason. Then he just stood there, looking at me. I'm thinking, "what's this guy's deal? He has a girlfriend, so he's not going to ask me out, but he's not leaving either." My parents went to wait in our old car for awhile, so I thought maybe then he'd talk to me. He just asked me where my dad went, and then hung out behind me. Oh and we were in his office with his manager, while she verified the information he'd put in the computer. I was sitting down and he was standing up beside me. I noticed him looking at me, though there was no reason for him to be. I was just sitting there quietly watching his manager.

The whole time he was very personable and friendly. When he came over so we could test drive the Jeep, I immediately thought, "wow, I really like this guy." Never have I thought that the second after meeting them, be it guy or girl. He'd make little jokes, and included me in every conversation, even though I wasn't signing my name. He'd say something funny and look at me, smiling. And he made eye contact, which is rare these days.

Frustrating to meet a nice guy and then have nothing happen. In my fantasy world we could have at least become friends, but he has a girlfriend and my parents were right there the whole time.

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