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on February 2, 2008 - 7:12pm

Things are much better at work. We had a little sit down meeting over everything last Thursday.

Now I sort of feel a little sorry for my doc. Like a typical man...he didn't realize how he was coming off. We told him we felt unappreciated sometimes, etc. He just sighed in shock and said "I'm sorry". We went on to say that we valued each and every one of us. We had a good meeting and worked some stuff out.

The next day he was like a different person. He brought us chocolate. We got tickled at that. At the end of the day he "high fived" us.

Poor guy. Now it's a little over board. It's like.." can cut it back a notch." HAHAHA.

I don't want him to feel like he has to walk on eggshells around us.

So....Josh is singing on the Grammy's?


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