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My so called life...

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on February 2, 2008 - 8:04pm

I am so tired of the unpredictable weather we're having here in Wisconsin... One minute it's below 0 (degrees) and the next day it's a whole whopping 35 degrees. I still dream of a nice, sunny 60 degree day with no snow (won't be happening anytime soon, but I can dream).

The highlight of my evenings as of late has been entering into my own fantasy world... I'm writing a short Josh story (soon to be a novel at the rate I'm going) that is a love/suspense story. So far, so good except that I just thought up another fantastic twist which means I have to edit (add more/change details) to most of the previous chapters. That and the fact that I'm to a point where I have to do some research if I want this story to be as realistic as possible. I'm using actual places (hotels, restaurants, theaters) to make the story seem more believable. I had no problems with locations in Milwaukee, however I'm now in need of the names of places in L.A. (upscale hotels, restaurants, theaters: live theater/concert halls, tourist attractions, etc.), so if anyone knows the names of any well known places, please let me know.

The last few days at work have been rather boring as I did little to nothing except work on the university's semi-quarterly newsletter (I just need to mail them out on Monday)... Whoever decided to run them on pastel pink paper should be shot - because I'm wasting envelopes (destroying trees ) mailing them (ink from postage meter doesn't show up on pink paper)!!

The office Olympics start next Wednesday... Darts and Scavenger Hunt. My team mate (aka: partner in crime) and I are both very competitive so it should be interesting. I'm sure we'll all be making fools out of ourselves - should be a good laugh.

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