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scraps & loads

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on February 6, 2008 - 12:27pm

*today is ash wednesday. i'm singing tonight for 3 services. that's about 10 or more songs. mostlikely, more.
i'm not sure if we'll be practicing afterwards, for saturday's mass.

*will richard go? i'm not sure. can't seem to concentrate much since he's always highjacking my brain.

*i'm frustrated. frustrated with my younger brother getting away with everything. he's 17 and he doesn't listen to my parents, when he disobeys or does something, my parents don't do anything. i get mad because i'm the "good girl," i've always been the one to obey, keep my grades up, i don't drink, smoke, do drugs...etc. but, i'm 20 and for some reason I can't seem to go out with my friends because my parents don't want me to. if they do actually give me permission, they have do drown me in all the questions that just pop in to their heads. yes, i get that they are protecting me but sometimes it's just TOOOOO MUCH!!!!! especially with my dad, i'm the only girl, but he really need to lighten up! i'm 20, soon to be 21. i always ask for permission, i always tell them everything...i'm not my older brother. at my age, he used to leave the house with saying one word. he would come late, my parents didn't know where he was. what do i have to do so they can give my just a smidge of freedome? rob a bank!!!! 'cause it seems to me that the "trouble makers" get to do whatever they freaking feel like. honestly, sometimes i go to my room and cry my eyes out because i know that i can't do much about it.

well, that was something i've never let out before.

josh is performing with andrea bocelli at the grammys. i'm so excited for him! he's a fan of andrea. this is so awesome!!!!! my favorite singer (josh) and my moms favorite singer (andrea) together singing! in 2000 josh filled in for andrea for the grammy rehearsal and now, they are singing together at the grammys! i'm so excited!! (i said that already). and there here in los angeles!!! i will feel the vibe. i'll be there with spirit.

thanks for "listening"

love & hugs


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