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on February 8, 2008 - 3:23pm

* i received my year 5 welcome package yesterday. i love the tote bag. i was thinking of doing something like that and donating it to GFC for a future auction. but, i need to figure out how to do it. i've donated some "awake" and "noel" posters to GFC.

* so...J.Gro. i was thinking of that nickname and i notice that josh's dad is a "J.Gro" too. Jack GROban. so, really, josh is J.Gro Jr.

* i found a new word that means "awkward person." OAF. it's actually in the dictionary. yeah, i don't know how i came across it, i guess i was doing "homework."

* i recorded myself singing "lullaby" on my phone. i e-mailed it to myself, but i want you guys to hear it and give me your honest opinion, but i don't know where to download it. it's not a video. i can e-mail it to some of you. btw, when you get it...if you get it (hey, that's a part from "sweeney todd"..."good you got it") there is 2 or so parts where i screwed up.

* early morning show. thank you paulina for texting me on time. i saw him perform "awake" and "february song." always. but, when the camera got a close up of the violins, it wasn't the same without lucia there. i also saw him on fuse tv again, today. i waited for the last 10 minutes, since they leave the best for last.

*again...grammys...if he isn't nominated next year, i'm soooo....not...going to finish this sentence! seriously, the best artist of 2007, the best album of 2007. geez! if they don't know what category to put him in (which is the dilema) maybe the should make one up for him. ex: THE GROBAN AWARD. (ok, that's cheesy, but i think you get the point).

*briana...i was thrown to compliments last night, and i'm happy to say, that i did a good job taking them.
for those of you who don't know, i don't really take compliments lucia...remember the video "float like a butterfly" and when everyone is proud of lucia for taking compliments well. yeah, i need to learn that. hahaha!

no more bobs. or loads. or bits. for today. gotta go and start my essay. btw, it's about marriage, and i'm suppose to give someone advice about marriage. wow...i really didn't know i was capable of that, especially since I'M NOT MARRIED, TEACHER!! i have to finish it today/tomorrow because sunday i'll be too busy getting excited for our guy.

love you all!!

grobie love & hugs,

signing off!

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