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I just.....

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on February 8, 2008 - 5:12pm

...ate a whole pizza. And I didn't even try pot. Get it?
*refer to Josh's Blender article* was a SMALL BBQ, Bacon and Chicken pizza from Papa John's. A small is no bigger than a dinner plate. That is honestly the best pizza on earth to me. Tomorrow I will be all puffed up from the sodium and stuff, but it is so worth it tonight.

I have to tell you about this interview I watched the other night. It was sooo cool.

It was called "In Focus..Mind Meld" and interview between William Shatner and Leonard Nemoy...from the original Star Trek.
It was a precious interview. It was in Leonard Nemoy's front yard and it was like you were eaves dropping on a conversation between 2 old friends. They talked about their careers and how they wanted to be taken as serious dignified actors. They talked about "making" it in Hollywood and their biggest fears which happened to be dying. It was so candid. I loved it.
At the end after the credits rolled they came back on with one more segment of the interview where William Shatner was talking with Leonard about Star Trek. It was my favorite part. Here's what he said..

"Amongst all this beauty, to a large extent, Star Trek is responsible."
Leonard."Well, a large extend."
William. "'s good huh?
Leonard *laughs* "Yeah!"
William "Star Trek was good"
Leonard "Yeah!"
William "Yeah, I think so too. I really liked it. I liked the show."
*pause* and Leonard puts his arm around William and they look at the cameras and Leonard looks at William and says..."You're my best friend." and they start giggling.
William nods his head and says "If it were for nothing else right?"
Leonard "Yeah...this makes it worthwhile."

Ahhh, precious interview. I wish you could have seen it.
I don't do it justice by telling about it in this journal. You had to witness it.
It was like William Shatner had to be re-assured that Star Trek was a good thing. I loved that.
It was just a candid interview between friends.

Now...THAT is good TV.

I'm going to see if I can find it on youtube.

I FOUND IT...I found the ending where they are in Spocks basement looking at the memorabilia.

Love it.....

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