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What A Week!

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on February 9, 2008 - 7:20am

I'm super excited, as I know we all are, by the opening screen to the jg/fojg website! Not only up to the minute news, but a chance to win $100 in Josh stuff?!

It's been such a crazy week, I haven't even written in my journal all week! Goodness! I had a large headache the first two days, and A and I have been emailing back and forth like crazy. Another guy, who's seriously world's best poet (I strongly suggest you check out, duchesses and politicians all appreciate his work!) sent me a random poem with an intro telling me it's from a girl's point of view. "And it's immoral." Very unlike him, as his other work is about God, worship, or romance. I didn't know how to respond. Then yesterday I got an email from someone in Iraq, asking for prayer. On their last mission they lost 4 men and 10 were wounded. They're at least coming home on Valentine's Day. These people just lost a leader on Christmas day, as well. Very sad for those families to lose their loved one, and only a week before they were due home...

So A had emailed me, comparing Lauren to all the girls he teaches to dances (she apparently is a lot better). I asked if she's his fav to dance with, with a smiley face... His answer was probably, but he can't dip her, so he also enjoys swing with his sis or "this one other really small girl I know." I wondered if that was a reference to me, because I don't know who he dances with other than Lauren, me, and the girls he teaches. I think I'm small. Last time we went dancing swing became our thing. I don't even know how to summarize our emails, but we talked about personal space, lead and follow, and the girl's arm stiffness (he said my arms are good :) With in that context, he told me his past relationship and emotional history.

I'm anxious to see what happens next, if anything. Guys tend to tell me things, for some reason, so I'm hesitant to take that as a sign. Yet this guy's saying he's always blocked out his emotions, so I guess if he's opening up to me...

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