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on February 10, 2008 - 8:38pm

I saw A tonight (happy sigh!!). Had a bit of one-one-one time, then got to sit next to him on a love-seat (with my ex on the other side) for a few hours.

Someone from church invited a bunch of us over to help him eat left overs from a party had last night. Most of us just knew him and hadn't met anyone else yet, so we'd ask names and where we work or go to school. Someone asked me, and A piped in, "She's a real employee! She works full-time at an orthopedics." It surprised me that he answered for me, and I was excited as well :) He thinks he can fool me but I know how he really feels ;)

His last email stated that he's "confident" that if he fell in love the person wouldn't know because he can hide it. He listed reasons why he doesn't think he should start a relationship, then said, "besides, even if i did fall in love, i wouldn't know how to go about it ;-)" The way I see it, he's telling me (yet with out telling me) that's he's attracted to me, but doesn't think he should start a relationship, but if he did decide to, he wants to know how. It's the wink that makes me assume he means me and isn't speaking generally. He then listed two reasons he'd "come across in a forum" why people who ballroom end up together: they share that interest and they're physically aware of each other.

I told him to seek God's will and not worry so much about all those reasons why he thinks he shouldn't have a relationship. I also said you only live once. And as for how to go about it, I advised him to be honest to tell her how ya feel.

I say this every entry but I can't wait to see what happens next!

Oh and tonight we agreed on several points (both love cheese, hate cold weather, etc). A good start. I mentioned Italian food is my favorite (we were eating lobster and shrimp ravioli!), and he asked if had tried one of the soups at Olive Garden (forgot which one). Hopefully one day soon he'll take me to try it :)

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