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now the real PCD sets in

lindyjean's picture
on February 11, 2008 - 12:30am

okay, so there's no more tour. no more appearances to promote Noel. the grammies are over. i'm not going to toronto, or london, or south africa to see josh perform. the "awake" tour dvd will be out in two months. until then, there isn't a whole lot for me to get excited about, and so, for me, i'm going to be feeling true PCD---perhaps it should be called, PJD, post-josh depression. he'll be off the radar for the most part, and i don't want to be a slave to this website, scrounging for any crumbs of info about him. i should just walk away from this for a bit, but it's hard to go cold turkey. i might miss something, especially a good cat fight, cuz when there's not a lot happening, we tend to get a little snarky and the fur flies.
i feel like i should just take a breather, wait for the dvd, and wean myself off this once-steady supply of josh. i think i will...once i win my Closer Fan Club edition for my winning valentine's day contest (wish, wish, hope, hope).....okay, i'm off to bed books i need to get read....just started a couple of them----one fiction, one non-fiction, and i just ordered four more from my book club.....books on Doc Holliday (which is really for my son, but i will read it, too), a shipwreck off the coast of Senegal, one on pirates---a "real" study, not the myths and legends. and the last one sounds good---it's called, Movie Archeology--something like's about all the things hollywood has gotten wrong about history---from egypt (think, "the mummy"), pirates, the old west, and such. that one sounds fun. i need to devote time to reading that i've been spending here.
see you later....

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