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Update- not irritated anymore!

vijaykumar's picture
on February 12, 2008 - 3:28pm

I was sooooooooo excited, i just got an email from warner brothers customer service saying that i can pick anything from the store up to 15 dollars, and they will override the shipping cost!!Yeah!

`I have decided to get a panoramic poster, for 14.99!

~ Other great news, a nice snowy early dissmisal from school to relax myself, without homework i might add!

~ For anyone who enjoys hot drinks such as hot chocolate, should try the new dunkin doughnuts milky-way hot chocolate! It is absolutely to die for! I tried some today on my way home and it was so silky-smooth and mmmmmmmmazing!

~ Also, quite exciting, i got my fojg shirt to shrink in the washer/dryer to a size that actually fits (before, i could have worn it as a dress!).

~And, did anyone see the E! Fashion police? In the begining, a very very short but awsome snipit of josh belting out a scale or something could be seen!


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