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Creepy Creepy Creepy!!!

lfranklin's picture
on February 13, 2008 - 8:49pm

So... Went to Mongolian last night for dinner and discovered the cooks there are getting to know me. The place we usually go to has this "special house hot sauce" they throw on if you as them to. When they ask me how hot, I usually reply "Make me cry" (I LOVE spicy). Yesterday we go and they didn't even ask- th eone cook looked at me, winked, and said "Make you cry?"

But that wasn't the creepy part. That comes with the fortune cookies.

Now, I've taken a psychology course in the pschology of psuedoscience, and I'm fully cognizant of what's going on... but dangit if the fortunes I get form this Mongolian place don't have an above-average accuracy.

For instance: about three years ago, I got one that said "you are close to achieving your financial goals". The next day I get a call from the life insurance agent telling the company would be honoring mom's policy. Then there was the one I got that said "you will find your lost item within the week". Two days later one of my bosses hands me the class ring I'd left in the bathroom at work and had been freaking out about.

Yesterday, it was "you will face a test this week- you should reward yourself."

I take my Adult Bronze MITF and Freestyle test on Saturday.

But that's not the creepiest one. One of the "trademarks" of pseudoscientific phenomena like fortune cookies is that while they may involve "predictions", they never give specific dates. The creepiest fortunte I got was one that said "Remeber today. In three months you will experience a significant event."

Three months TO THE DAY later, I get a hug from JOSH at the Nampa ID concert during 'In Her Eyes'.


...So I guess I'll take the fortune cookie's advice and treat myself to something this weekend - after all, it seems to be right so often!

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