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vijaykumar's picture
on February 13, 2008 - 8:56pm

I just wanted to thank those of you that wrote to me about Gunda. it's so wonderful to have people that you can "talk" to that understand and don't judge you for being a crazy person. i still stand in awe of all of you, you truely are wonderful people. tried Gunda on aqua therapy today. she did okay but tired easily, didn't get a whole $80.00 worth of the hour but i think that in time she will work up to it. it breaks my heart to see her hurt or not able to help herself. she's 6 years old and she seems like she's 50! why do they have to slow down like that?!. =/ i took some time today to just cry and let it all out and i feel much better, it's better for Gunda too for me to be in a stable frame of mind, it dosen't do her any good to have me be a mess. that's the beauty of dogs, they move on much faster than people do, "they live in the moment" as Cesar Milan says! (big fan of his by the way!) I am training a friends samoyed for an obedience trial and he has only had 5 hours worth of work and is already very accomplished at off leash heeling and everything! it amazes me that people think that they are a stupid breed!! this dog had hardly any leash work at all! it's amazing how many dogs out there never really reach their potential due to people having a narrow minded view of their animals capabilites! every breed of dog is diffenent and excells at different things but by no means are they stupid, stubborn, difficult or any other negative adjective! some people just don't understand what a gift animals are and for those people i feel sorry for. i work with dogs day in and day out and none of them are stupid! they all have different personalities and characteristics that make them wonderful. people on the other hand are what make them into the dogs that they are. any way enough for my rant!! sorry i tend to go off like that! i am just frustrated by some of the attitudes of the owners that bring their dogs to daycare. again, sorry!! I hope that everyone has a WONDERFUL valentines day, and if your like me and have no one to share it with just think you are your own best friend! so treat that "friend" to a wonderful day full of "you" things to do!! god bless and thanks for reading my rant!! you grobies are awesome!

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