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Happy Grobanite Valentine's Day

Cobalt's picture
on February 14, 2008 - 8:23am

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you have a great day on this silly "holiday" :)
Here are my valentine's graphics that I have been posting all over the place on FOJG. I think all my graphics look awful so I don't know why I am posting them everywhere.. I am sure to the annoyance of some people. Well I copy it so I just I just get in the habit of placing it! Here are my two versions. They look sort of wacky. I think the colors are sort of off, I had trouble matching colors well with the effects I wanted. I should probably take a refresher photoshop class when I can afford it. Josh need an extra hair fluffer or dog walker? (hint hint, nudge nudge?)

Unlike a lot of people I don't care who uses my graphics or what they do with them. Anyway most of mine are just borrowed from another idea anyway- such as these.. picture by Alice Q, background influenced by a wallpaper by Blue Mountain Arts, and I can't remember where I got the heart brush, but if that person (highly unlikely) notices I'm using it, I'll give them credit! Also His Royal Hotness should get some credit too :) I wish he could watch movies all day with me:)

My MAMMOTH crush on him really should start weaning by now, but it's not- gotta tame those hormones! It's getting ridiculous really. I am so obsessed with all things Josh!

I never thought at the age of 25 I would join a fan club and get such a massive crush on a celebrity like this. What am I? When I was a teeny bopper I never even joined a fan club or got tiger beat or any of that stuff. What happened? Struck with Grobanitis.



Gunda- thanks! I drove a super old brown (literally) grandma car for YEARS so needless to say I was psyched picking out my first car!

Nessa- I don't remember where he said that about the Cadillac commercial, I've just heard it multiple times around the forums...

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