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If I could only breathe...

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on February 14, 2008 - 6:20pm

My allergies have bothered me all week! Hopefully by tomorrow they'll be better. I could never decide whether or not to call my dance partner for my Friday night ballroom class to cancel. I don't feel that bad, but I can't breathe and I'm constantly requiring a tissue. Not suitable for dancing :)

I talked to A on Tuesday night. Oddly enough we talked mainly about dresses. He's choreographing a waltz and wanted my input on what dress the girl should wear, even though he wasn't planning to dance it with me. I jokingly said he should, and sent a pic of a girl in a blue dress saying it was me. He said we should do it at my birthday dance party I plan to have for myself. He asked me to send some more pics of dresses I like while he went to Panera, and when he got back we agreed that the blue one I'd first found would be best.

After that he randomly asked if I like dogs. I said I love them, and if he ever needs a petsitter, to let me know; I have a lots of experience. I said I was sure he loves them too, as he has two. He said he'd missing sleeping with the one when he goes to school in Florida. (Aww :) I asked if he'd been to Fla before, and he said no, but his family is going in March. Then he suddenly said, "Going to bed now. Good talking to you. See you later." and signed off. I think he got in trouble because it was 30 minutes past his bedtime. Oh and he had been doing his math homework while talking to me!

Oh how I wish I could breathe!

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