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Romance Is In the Air

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on February 15, 2008 - 8:17pm

First I'd like to thank those of you who wished I would feel better. Your wishes worked, and I was able to go dancing tonight :) Guess who took me??

A texted me asking if I had my class tonight. I'd already told the guy I'm taking that class with that I'm sick and wouldn't be able to go, so I told A that I didn't have class. He asked if I wanted to go dancing at this place near where we live, which neither of us have been to. We had a tango lesson first and then a dance party, with just about every dance. A and I danced to waltz, Viennese waltz, foxtrot, tango, swing, line dances, and the cha-cha. I had never done cha-cha or foxtrot before, but A is such a good leader I was able to follow and actually felt confident in what we were doing. Someone later commented that we looked great dancing, and A told them that even though I'd never done those dances before I've learned to trust him and follow his lead.

Later we were talking to someone else there and he said he was having so much fun, and the time of his life :) He did comment after every song that he had a lot of fun. Then the guy we were talking to gave us his name, so A gave his, then introduced me. He added, "She's JUST my friend. NOT my girlfriend." It was all I could do to ask why the heck that mattered. Instead I commented that someone had asked if we're related.

When they started the line dances, A said he didn't like them and went off to the snack table to hide. I said he had to do the line dance, grabbed his arm, and dragged him on the dance floor :)

While we were dancing, he would look into my eyes with that little smile.

As we were leaving he mentioned he had a splitting headache, which he said he had before we went. That made the night mean even more, if he wanted to go dancing with me enough to do it with a splitting headache.

Oh and he texted me at 12:30am today to tell me he got a tux, and what color dress he can match. I can't even list all the sweet and cute things he's done or I'd be here all day.

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