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miracles can happen!!!

njanja's picture
on February 16, 2008 - 8:32am

So, since my mom moved the computer from my and my brother's room, he got furious and told her that he will MOVE OUT by the end of the month!
Wooooo hooooo!!!!
I'll FINALLY have my own room!!!
I know, I should be sad but I can't really, since it means that I'll finally have my peace and quiet and that my friends will finally be able to come to my house. I'm trying not to hope too much in case he comes to his senses and figures out that he can't really afford it (his plan is to live with his friend, good luck with that!) but I already started redecorating in my head!
I know, not the best way NOT to think of it but I just thought of painting the walls, adding a lamp or two and before I knew it, I was done (in my head).
I just ope that he moves out soon. Awful, I know. But I don't care, I've cried far too many times and nights and I need my peace. I nearly went crazy because of him and if those stupid 4 walls and 2 lamps will make me happy then I want it. Selfish? I don't know. Only time will tell.
The important thing is, there's hope!!!

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