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Extreme Sadness

vijaykumar's picture
on February 16, 2008 - 9:43am

Tuesday evening I left work early (early for me) at about 6 p.m. and headed to one of my students homes with some get well food items. They all had the flu and I was concerned that no one could get to the store due to being sick. They live in my area. So, I got home at about 7 or so and did the usual thing. I let the dog out to go poddy. I grabbed some cold pizza from the fridge and went back in the living room and looked out and saw a huge white truck with large wheel bases slowing down in front of my home. I realized my Buddy dog was in the road. I was happy to see the truck had seen him and was slowing down. I saw buddy walking around the front of the truck and appeared to make it past so I did not want to call him back to pass in front of the truck again. I waited after the truck slowly passed to see Buddy and no Buddy. Then I realized there was a dark spot on the road. My heart sank. I ran out there and there was my fur boy laying motionless on the street. I paniced and cried and said, "no....Buddy." He looked up at me with his sweet face and smile and gave one wag of his tail and that was it. His head dropped back down to the ground. I saw blood on the pavement. I was so upset. I ran into the house and got a towel and covered him and carried his limp body into the house and called different vets to try and get someone to save him. I found the er animal place in Kzoo and that took about 45 minutes to get there. I talked to Buddy all the way even though he lay motionless. But it was too late. At the Animal ER they did not hear a heart beat.I asked them if they were sure because he was not getting stiff. She again said that there was no heart beat. I stayed with him and gave him a kiss. I looked at his injury. His eye was the size of a baseball and his nosey was cut. I did not know what to do. I felt he just needed blood and time and I wanted them to fix him. It was horrible. Then I had to decide whether to take him home to dig a grave or to cremate him. With the frozen earth I went the cremation route. He was a very special fur boy to me. Before my mom had passed away, I asked her to contact me if she could after she passed away and she said that she would try. When I had come home after she died, my dog Buddy did something unusual. I had received a plastic lantern from my mom to use when the lights went out from storms. And I had bought Hillary Clinton's book and my mom had wanted to read it and that was just before she found out she had 3 months to live. I had placed Hillary's book by the fireplace and it was partially sticking out. The lantern was by the tv. Buddy went from the lantern to the Hillary book and back to the lantern and then back to the Hillary book. He was alwayds doing unusual things. When I cried about my mom, Buddy jumped up in my lap and took his paw and patted my tear on my cheek. When I fed him he would wait and look up at me and wait for me to look at him and say "you are welcome Buddy" and then he would eat. He was a very intelligent dog. I never let him run free except at night when I knew there was no traffic on my street. Unfortunately there was this one truck on Tuesday evening. The man never stopped. I've been crying ever since. Buddy did lots of unusual things but right now it is too upsetting to describe them. I will miss my dog very much. I loved him.

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