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Now I need new guards!

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on February 16, 2008 - 7:38pm

The months of waking at 5:00 to skate and the hours of Hundreds have paid off:

I passed my skating test today! YAY!

Had the moves in the field test this morning and did really well! +3 from all three judges despite me trying really, really hard to over think my fourth pattern. It's funny, I'm so used to skating with another 10 people on the session to dodge that when it's just me and that big, pretty sheet of open ice, I just about choke!

So that over with, I had to do the free skate portion. Lucky for me I picked good music - Lucia's version of 'Lady Grinning Soul'. I thought I did realy well, but then I had to redo my sit-spin afterwards :P Guess I need to do about a bazillion more squats and another half trillion shoot-the-ducks. Someday I'll get low enough!

And I have photo evidence too: Dad tagged along and brought his camera with the zoom lens. I've looked through all the photos already and but I keep nitpicking them :P I see a photo and think "Crud! Need more extension!" Dad looks at them and says "We should send that one to Grandma and Grandpa!"

But my coach had the best line: after it was all done and I have all the passing paperwork in hand, she looks down and says that I need new guards - the guards I have now are bronze colored, I passed that test, now I need some silver ones!

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