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Hawaii......take me away!

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on February 18, 2008 - 5:11pm

Well, in 2 days I'll be off to Hawaii with my hubby! I have to say - I'm soooooo ready to get away. But my heart is anxious about leaving. I hope my kids will be OK.

You know Hannah has had such a time with illness this fall/winter; well, on Friday when we left for her very special performance at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis for All State, she fell ill. I've never seen her THIS sick. We were sitting in the hotel watching her fade. She spiked a 104 temp, her throat looks like a science experiment, her neck hurt for some reason, headache, and body aches that wouldn't let her sit up in bed. Anyway, needless to say, she wasn't able to perform on Saturday morning.....I felt so bad for her. We made it home and today I took her to get checked out. Mark literally carried her from our house into the car and then we used a wheelchair from the car into the clinic.

The doctor was positive after his exam that her mono was back. But....all tests came back negative. He couldn't believe it, nor could we. It's a stinky nasty virus that absolutely knocked her on her butt. She was de-hydrated so we sat in the clinic and they pumped 2 liters of IV fluids into her. It sure made her eyes look better; brighter!

Sad thing on top of the disappointment this weekend; today she was suppose to have her vocal audition at one of the colleges she applied to. That didn't happen either. Eeeeeeeeeeek!! UUUUUGGGHHHH!

Sorry I went on and on about this. Your continued prayers would be great. I want to feel good about leaving her on Thursday. We have family around, but it's not the same as "mom"

I have to make supper, then I'll be back to check in on all of your journals - I've been gone for so long again. Josh hugs!

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