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on February 18, 2008 - 5:42pm

Don't remember where my last entry left off and don't feel like going back and looking :P I know I talked about Friday night. That night he mentioned he'd be going to church Sunday night (yesterday), and as he was leaving he said he'd see me there. I said I wasn't sure if I was going or not; it would depend on how I felt. (I was still having allergy problems) I really wasn't sure if I'd be up to seeing my stalker (another long story--no worries, he's not actually threating), as that requires more energy that I might have. The next morning, less than 12 hours later, he called me up and said, "I just wanted to let you know that I won't be going to Exile tomorrow night. I'm actually having a dance party at my house. And I'm one girl short, and I was wondering if you'd like to come." I said that sounded fun, and he promised my stalker wouldn't be there. I agreed. He emailed me an invitation, so I'm thinking this thing had been planned for awhile, and he'd forgotten about it.

The party was 7-10. I got there right at 7, the first one. Two other girls showed up, both of whom were 10 years younger. I expected they would be a lot younger. However, I expected there to be more boys. His mom said, "a bunch of people called last minute and canceled so are fewer couples." So it was me, the two girls, A, his sister, and his two brothers. Since this was an event for young people, his parents sat on the sidelines, along with his grandma who was in town for the week. And of course their two dogs :)

A danced the first dance with me, then another with someone else, then put on tango. He took my hand and said, "let's show them what we learned Friday." In the middle of the dance it occurred to me that we were doing the tango in front of his parents and grandma! And we weren't exactly arm's length away, like he usually dances with people. Then as we danced closer towards his family, I heard his mom talking to his sister. They were trying to figure out where we had gone Friday and what dance we'd learned. His sister was sure it was swing. His mom was sure it was the waltz. They both thought we went to the Dance Space. His sister then said, "Why don't you ask Elisa?" When the dance ended his mom said to me, "Elisa, come sit down and talk to me!" and patted the chair beside her. She asked what dance we learned, so I told her the tango. Then she asked where we went, and I told her Simply Ballroom. She looked surprised. Then she asked me about something going on in my neighborhood that I'd mentioned to A on Friday, but not her. I thought, "I wonder why he told her that? Does he talk to her about me, or did he just think it an interesting tidbit worth sharing? I had told A there was a death investigation, and she asked, "so what ever happened with that murder investigation?" I wonder who changed it to murder? Kinda funny, yet not.

Anyway, my favorite part was of course waltzing to Josh :) I'm happy to report that his grandma knows who he is! She's from Michigan, for what ever that's worth. But he put on Si Volvieras a Mi and she came running over and exclaimed, "Is that Josh?" He smiled and said, "Yes it is!" I said to A, "I'm so proud! I love your grandma!"

Waltzing with Aemon is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me. (I'm sorry Josh, I love you too. Promise!!) He would look into my eyes, and sing along, or whistle. And you'll never guess what song we waltzed to.. . Chipmunks' Christmas!

At the end of the dance they apparently always do "one last waltz." Since we had 4 guys and one girl, they decided to do two last waltzes, both girls choice. I figured I wasn't technically supposed to be there, so I was just going to let the "young people" dance (haha! I love it!). A's sister suggested I cut in, so I did that. Then A put on a third last waltz and grabbed my hand. He led me to "his room," a room off to the side that everyone recognizes as "his" (not his bedroom, haha!). The song was about two lonely people falling in love, waltzing. I couldn't help wondering if he chose that song on purpose? Oh and the song was also about it being their last waltz! I just googled it. It's The Last Waltz by Englebert Humperdinck.

Friday night they played Achey Breaky Heart, and A said I need
to hear Weird Al's version. Sunday night after the dance ended he had me listen to it. I was listening on his mp3 player, and when it was over he was talking to someone, so I gave it to his sister. She hugged me and thanked me for coming, but then A had another song for me to listen to. He kept coming up with songs while he put the house back in order (all the furniture was outside so we had room to dance). Meanwhile the two girls parents had come, so everyone else was chatting in another room. A said I could sit down, so I did. Eventually he sat down too, and next thing I know, every one's gone and the family standing around the kitchen chatting, including A, while I'm sitting there still listening. Slightly awkward. When my last song ended that he wanted to hear, he took his mp3 player back and walked me to the porch. He closed the door behind him, and asked if I'd heard from my stalker. I said "no, but thank you for asking!" Then we had an awkward little moment. I wasn't sure what he was going to do, if anything, but was afraid of looking odd standing around to find out, so I said goodbye. He said he'd see me later. He almost looked like he was going to shake my hand, but that would have been random, and I briefly pondered a hug, but didn't want to be the one to initiate that. So I said I'd see him later and left. He stood inside the door and watched me go.

Now I'm going insane wondering if he's going to contact me soon. I know he's already busy and his grandma's in town. I feel like it's a when, not an if...

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