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Something to be desired...

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on February 18, 2008 - 7:09pm

Hello, again.

I know it's been awhile since I've last been here... I've been so busy!

This past week, I worked a 6 day work week...

Last Wednesday, kicked off the Office Olympics at the university... Darts & Scavenger Hunt were the first 2 events...
- My partner and I won the dart competition (Hoorah!) by a landslide.
- As for the scavenger hunt... We came in 2nd.

Everyone's favorite event so far was the scavenger hunt because it was more than just finding items based on clues. Everyone had to actually do goofy things as well (i.e. take a picture of your team, download it on the computer, print picture and fax it upstairs to the Regional VP's Office, etc.).

Saturday was Open House... Which did not go well at all.
- We had more people show up than expected
* Therefore, it was over crowded (could have used a large classroom that seats 75)
* Didn't have enough chairs in the room for people to sit on.
* We did not have enough Academic Advisors on hand to meet with everyone.
- To top it off, one of the Academic Advisors arrived 2 hours late (It was only a 3 hour event) without calling in.

I was so glad when the event ended and it was time to clean up.

Yesterday, the Wisconsin weather dished out another bizarre forcast...
- Rain
- Flash Flooding (there was 6" of water on my street, 4" of water in my parking lot)
- Freezing rain
- And snow

Hmmm... I'm almost afraid to see what's in store for tomorrow's weather.

In other news, my story is going great... I'm up to chapter 18. If anyone wants to read my story, e-mail me at: . I'll be happy to send it to you in sections.

I've been e-mailing it to some fellow Grobanites and they love it!...

P.S. For those who've been receiving my story, I'll be sending the next installment soon.

Take care.

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