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Update #1

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on February 20, 2008 - 9:11am here's an update from yesterday's ranting. I just went to lunch (didn't really eat) aand when I was leaving, I saw the room mate. I puropsely didn't say hi to her becasue I knew that she was going to ignore me. As I was leaving with one of my friends, I said hi to the lunch lady and was standing at the door (near my room mate's table) waiting for my friend, and hear her say "oh I see how it is! say hi to her, but not me! now i see that you really think that Im a bitch. (excuse my language!)" When I walked out the door, I told my friend who i was at lunch with "if she's going to act like a b**ch, then that's how people are going to treat her and think about her." I saw her old room mate earlier and told her that she's acting the same way towards me that she was to her last semester. I am so glad that I am going home tonight! I can't stand being in that room. I was told by 6 different people that I need to go to the Res. Life office and see about getting out of that room! I will be so happy if I do! This whole situation has taken it's toll on me and I need to get out before my grades (which I have worked so hard for) start slipping. Other wise, I don't know what I am going to do.

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