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Okay, that's weird...

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on February 21, 2008 - 2:35pm

The "weird" part first. Ya know how you're asked at the start of the journal entry what your mood is? This crazy thing will allow me to click on anything except Happy! So, I'm now confused! ;)

The weather is an issue today. We finally got the long driveway plowed at 8pm last night. And the snow has started up again. Now they are predicting only 1" of snow but then topped by "a lot" of ice. My husband left the office an hour and fifteen minutes ago. It's normally a 45 minute drive and he just called. Under the best of circumstances he would have another 20 minutes. He said to figure an hour. Figures that the brunt of the weather would hit during rush hour. I have an installation of a stained glass window scheduled for tomorrow morning. Imagine that will be canceled. Schools, businesses, activities are ALL being canceled for tonight and tomorrow. That seems to be all they are reporting on the local news right now.

I'm thinking of moving to L.A. :) Yeah, they have the occasional fire and earthquake but those are rare -- not like the "every other day" snow and ice we get here. Besides, Josh is in L.A. What could be better???

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