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Friday again

vijaykumar's picture
on February 22, 2008 - 9:35am

Well it's friday again! not much new has happened this week except that my computer had a meltdown! always fun! I have 1 more classe starting up tonight and another one next week. I've lost count as to how many i have going! i'm helping out another instructor at the place that i work ( if you want to check it out!!) She has a dog aggressive pit bull that some one rescued that was used for fighting in the pits, it has HUGE issues! but that seems to be my specialty! working with aggressive dogs! it's always so rewarding though when you seem to break through to them and they make such a come around! I just had a new cousin born on monday! it's pretty exciting news! a baby girl 7lbs and 4oz. Gunda's birthday is on the 26th she's turning 6 and my shepherd husky just turned 16 on the 20th! My neice's birthday is on the 28th so it's a good month for celebrating!! I hope all of you out there have a wonderful weekend! Get lots of rest and be good to yourselves!!

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