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Never complain

Chirpie's picture
on February 22, 2008 - 11:09am

You know, I've been wallowing in my little puddle of misery for about a month now. I've tried hard not to show my pain and agony of trying to keep my chin up after my husband decided to quit his latest job six months into it without a new job to replace it. He's been looking, but gets complacent when he has an interview. So I have to keep him motivated. That wears on me. I've managed to keep us afloat financially but it's been a test, and the ship is starting to sink.

Yet just when I think I have in extruciatingly bad, I hear stories of others who have it far worse. People with illness, disease, burdens beyond their control. Then I feel like an idiot. My husband CAN work, he just deals with issues that make it sometimes difficult. Hasn't found the right fit yet, although I truly wish he would just find something in the interim of finding the "perfect job." Yet he is healthy, I am healthy, our families are healthy, so there is no real reason to complain.

I think sometimes, God brings us these stories to show us how good we have it. My heart goes out to anyone dealing with things they shouldn't have to. {{{hugs}}} to you all.

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