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Snowy Friday

Cobalt's picture
on February 22, 2008 - 1:23pm

Hello! Well I was an idiot and I slipped and fell on the ice yesterday, so I have been in pain all day today! I think I sprained my wrist and I totally cut up my knee! I'm so clumsy! eek!

I'm watching Ellen and some guy who didn't make it on American Idol is on it and he's singing "You Raise Me Up" :) Yay makes me think of Josh!
As for AI, I'm glad it's close to the top 12. I can't remember the people off the top of my head right now but there are a couple I kind of like.

Not much else! I'm happy I found the watch I lost but still can't find my necklace. I still need to start looking for a job again. it's getting aggrivating.

It's snowing like crazy here. OOO I'm so sick of winter!

Have a great day!

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